Access to Healthcare Impacts All Americans


Americans spend more per capita than any other country in the world, amounting to one-sixty of our economy. Yet, despite the hefty price tag, the United States remains the only developed country which does not provide universal healthcare to its citizens.

Americans deserve the right and assurance that regardless of age or the nature of the medical care required, they have access to healthcare, without exclusions and without limits.

Universal healthcare would lower the costs of services and prescription medication through a single payer plan with reduced administrative costs by removing the involvement and interference of private insurance. Although median household incomes have not increased significantly since the 1980’s, healthcare costs have risen exponentially. Business owners and their employees have been shouldering the burden of these high costs. Even for those workers who have insurance through their employers, the costs passed on to workers particularly for coverage of a spouse and children are outpacing increases in a worker’s income.

By lowering healthcare costs, employers will have greater flexibility to raise wages and lower the contributions for healthcare required by employees, resulting in more take-home pay for working families. Americans would no longer need to make the difficult choice between paying for rent and food or paying for healthcare, or filing bankruptcy because a family could not afford the high cost of a medical procedure.

Through universal healthcare, our citizens who have the courage and aspire to start new businesses will have greater flexibility and freedom to ensure that they and their employees have access to healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act significantly expanded access to healthcare for millions of Americans through subsidies, eligibility for Medicaid, and the increased protections against lifetime limits on coverage and exclusions due to pre-existing conditions. Universal healthcare would build further on the achievements of the ACA by ensuring all Americans have access to coverage by putting the interests of our citizens first above the profit interests of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Rural communities are especially in need of expanded access to medical care and services provided by local clinics. By providing expanded student loan forgiveness to healthcare professionals and promoting communities which are welcoming of new members regardless of their race or religion or who they love, we can attract talented healthcare providers to our rural districts. I support funding to increase access to medical services in rural communities to meet the needs of residents in remote locations and to encourage more families to live in our beautiful region of California.


Healthcare is a right for all Americans

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