It is imperative for America’s economic future and the sustainability of our planet that we prioritize the development and utilization of clean energy technology.  For every one job in coal, there are five jobs in the solar industry which continues to add jobs at a faster rate than our overall economy.  Businesses and many households, including my own, have benefited from the savings of reliance on solar power. Contractors and businesses in our district and throughout America have benefited from the increased demand in solar energy.  We obtain a greater return on our investment for every dollar spent on renewable energy versus fossil fuel.  We also have the benefit of increased energy independence from commodity price fluctuations and geopolitical uncertainties in Russia and the Middle East.  Through solar and wind tax credits, we have been able to power millions of American homes.  I support the extension of tax credits for renewable energy installation and storage.

Of paramount importance is our ability to reduce carbon emissions through increased reliance on renewable energy.  The pace at which the earth is warming is resulting not only in the loss of significant wildlife habitat but poses an immediate threat to our security.  As ocean temperature warms, catastrophic storms such as hurricanes gain increasing strength to wreak havoc in our communities.  Additionally, increased and extreme droughts and flooding forcing farmers throughout the world to abandon their lands and seek employment elsewhere which results in economic desperation, the spawning ground for radicalism.  By reducing our reliance on climate altering energy sources such as fossil fuels and coal, we protect our nation and planet from the dangers and costly damage of global warming as well as the political instability and terrorist threats which arise from economic devastation.

Renewable energy will put money back in the pockets of many families by helping them save on utility costs, and I support the Low Income Solar Act introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders to provide low-income families with access to solar power installed on their own homes and promoting access to community solar projects.  In addition, I support the Weatherization Assistance Program, the Rural Energy for America Program, and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program which help lower bills for low-income and rural families and make their homes more energy efficient.

Let’s move to the top and join world leaders in renewables, such as Sweden and Costa Rica, while improving our economy by increasing our reliance on clean energy.

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