Get to know Jessica


Growing up as the oldest of seven kids in a family that lived below the poverty line, higher education was my best opportunity to make a better life and give back to the community.  Through a combination of government-funded loans, grants, scholarships, and part-time jobs, I received my college degree from Georgetown University.  After college, I joined the US Peace Corps and returned to California to receive my JD/MBA from UC Davis.  I later met my husband, Vincent, and we now live in beautiful Auburn with our dog, cat, 3 chickens and 50,000+ bees.

As your Congressman, I will fight to ensure that kids from low-income families have access to excellent public schools and access to free public universities and vocational training.  In addition, I am a fierce advocate of bringing the American dream within reach of working families by raising the minimum wage, providing universal healthcare, access to affordable housing and home ownership, increase eligibility for the SNAP program to help working families with the rising costs of groceries, and supporting parents through affordable daycare programs.

I am also an avid supporter of immigration reform to provide a path to citizenship for our DREAMers and undocumented immigrants who work on our farms and in the construction industry.  Whether we are first generation Americans or our ancestors came here generations ago, America always has and will continue to be a nation which relies on the strength and ingenuity of our immigrants.

To ensure the future of our planet and promote economic growth, we must increase our reliance on renewable energy and invest in further research and technology to maximize the potential of solar, wind, and other sources of clean energy.  In our own district, the demand in particular for solar has created job opportunities for contractors and businesses while reducing utility costs for families.

By prioritizing our federal budget to support working families, access to free university level education, immigration reform and our reliance on clean energy, we can bring the American dream once again within reach.

Please join us in fighting for our democracy and opportunities for all Americans.


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